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Aiding businesses to get more out of the accounting programs they have, valuing time rather than admin, and helping find a middle ground between accountants and clients through one-on-one education and software literacy.

Why use Sidekick?


The expertise and advice of a trusted CA can be the critical ingredient that allows businesses to reach their full potential, not just the right software package. Behind the designation Chartered Accountant is years of study, ongoing training and one of the leading professional associations in business and finance in Australia and New Zealand that ensures CAs comply with the highest professional standards.

Sidekick Cloud takes great pride in Chartered Accountants membership. All of our clients can have the complete assurance of knowing their businesses will be handled with the utmost care and accuracy.

As members of the college, Sidekick Cloud is a perfect bridge between clients and accountants, eliminating an all-too-common communication gap, a problem which causes unnecessary delay, frustration and goal misalignment.

Our Awards & Associations

Members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants
The World's 1st Ever Xero Platinum Partner
All Sidekick Chartered Accountants offices are Xero Payroll Certified

Sidekick are Xero Accountants and are leading the revolution in cloud computing for accounting – we were the world’s first Platinum Partner of the highly regarded Xero accounting software. Not to mention we picked up Xero’s NZ Partner of the Year award twice – for 2010 and 2011…but who’s counting.

Introducing Xero


Meet Xero – Sidekick’s most effective super-power. Xero is online accounting software created especially to suit the needs of small businesses.

Everything is cloud-based, meaning that all you need to do is log in online wherever you are to view your accounts. It’s easy to use and will save you incredible amounts of time.



Not sure who to speak to? Don’t worry, just contact our office and we’ll put you onto the right person to answer your questions and put you on the right track.


Since we have started working with Josh at Sidekick Cloud, he has shown us how to start using our Xero and WorkflowMax to their full potential. We are getting a much better picture of how our business is functioning and are identifying areas where we know we can improve our systems. He is so easy to work with and is very responsive to any questions or requests. We look forward to continuing our work relationship with Josh in 2021.

Nicky Chilton
Chilton and Mayne Architects

Having the support and guidance of our ‘Workflow Max and Xero Guru’, Josh Wilson, is such a relief.  Josh is able to easily analyse a problem and come up with just the perfect solution. Because we find that Workflow max is so flexible there can be many ways to do something and Josh seems to be able to find just the perfect one to solve our problem.  This has meant the information Workflow Max can supply is so much more meaningful because we have been given a bespoke solution.  Also because we are flat-out doing the doing of running small business being able to outsource help means we can be up and running so quickly having found our solution.  I’m sure our accountants love this too as any mistakes can be rectified quickly with the help of Josh meaning end of year runs a whole lot more smoothly.

Tony May

Smooth Process – Together our team worked with Josh which achieved fantastic results. Any questions that we had we received answers to or recommendations on what we could do better.

Shirley Mudie
Todd Mudie Group

I just had the pleasure of dealing with Josh from Sidekick Cloud. I needed some help with Vend/Xero and it took me quite a while to find someone who’s knows their stuff. Josh is definitely that guy. Very knowledgeable, very calm and easy to talk to, great teacher and showed me how to deal with the issues myself moving forward. I would highly recommend Josh to anyone who uses Vend or Xero and especially those that use both! 5 star, 100% Awesome! I’m extremely happy with his services.

Chris Walsh
Base Holdings Ltd

It was a pleasure to work with Sidekick Cloud who assisted our company in finding a solution to a system issue we had.  Josh was very easy to deal with, understood our frustrations and after giving a rough idea of what we envisaged, he used his knowledge and contacts to organise a reliable custom build which ticked all our boxes. I would have wasted hours researching this project but Josh was able to do this on our behalf so I could continue doing what I do best instead.

Lynne Broughan
Liquid Action Limited

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